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WireGuard is a simple VPN protocol that can be used to tunnel network traffic encrypted over the internet to a […]
As I am writing these lines the parts needed to build the plant watering slowly come in. The first prototype […]
Did you ever found yourself copy and pasting commands from the archlinux wiki to get your system on disk? I […]
Today someone asked me if I could design and print him some parts for his Volkswagen T6. The part was […]
This type of post is not a manual or an in-depth explanation of the project. It’s more like a general […]
In the last part, we talked about the basic concept of the plant watering project. Now we go into more […]
For an upcoming project, I needed to compile my own version of upstream u-boot. If you didn’t know I already: […]
Watering my plants is an irritating task. I often forget it and my plants are not very forgiving in this […]