Today someone asked me if I could design and print him some parts for his Volkswagen T6. The part was not very difficult and was built in Fusion 360 very fast.

The initial drawing that was given to me

The bottom part was sketched out and revolved, leaving the top part which was an extrusion which was then trimmed away around. The tube on the top was then added.

The CAD model of the drawing

The object was then printed once on my custom IDEX 3D printer using nylon filament to show him the part. If the part fits he wanted 8 of them.

The part was printed with following settings:

  • Nozzle Temperature: 270°C
  • Bed Temperature: 90°C
  • Extrusion Width: 0.4mm
  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Shells: 4
  • Top Layers: 4
  • Bottom Layers: 4
  • Print Speed: 30mm/s
  • Cooling Fan: Off
  • Bed Adhesion: Raft

The part came out a little bit stringy in the inside which happens to be normal with Cura because it does not retract when crossing outlines when switching places inside an island.

The printed part after 2 hours of printing time

The printed part turned out OK. The nylon filament was probably not completely dry. You can see moisture bubbling on the outside of the print. Apart from this and a small blob on a noncritical surface, the part was good enough for test-fitting.

A day later I then printed another 8 of these parts to hand over. From drawing to 8/9 final parts 3 days went by.

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