Did you ever found yourself copy and pasting commands from the archlinux wiki to get your system on disk? I also did that a couple of times for install virtual machines on our hypervisor at work. Sometimes i leave out commands so the installation is quicker or just because I forgot some of them.

Arch vs Alpine

Arch Linux is not exactly simple when it comes to its installation. You have to manually set up your disk, partition it, format it, and mount it. Then bootstrapping packages, setting locales, keymaps, installing grub, and configure it to boot your system. Then you reboot and hope that your shiny new Arch Linux boots. Awgh… missed the /etc/fstab…

On the other end of the spectrum is Alpine Linux with its simple guided command line installer. It just asks you questions with good enough defaults if you are feeling lazy. Hitting return a few times is enough. Reboot and voila: a booting Alpine.

Simple Arch Installer

Thats why i wrote a simple little bash script for installing Arch Linux on any machine that has internet access. It will ask you a few questions about your configuration but also provides a few defaults if you need just a stock Arch Linux without any extras.

Just run these commands from the Arch Linux ISO live image:

wget https://raw.github.com/laubed/simple-arch/master/simple-arch.sh
bash simple-arch.sh

CAUTION: This script does not check if there is something on the disk you selected. It will wipe the whole disk!


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